Licences are subject to the following:

  1. Conditions in section 35 of the Act
  2. Conditions in Part 5 Division 6 of the Regulations
  3. Practices and procedures to be followed in Part 6 of the Regulations
  4. Conditions in Schedule 2 of the licence

Codes and standards applicable to sources

Licence holders must comply with the codes and/or standards relevant to the kind of source authorised in Schedule 1 or 1B of the licence.

Codes and standards applicable to controlled facilities

Licence holders must comply with the relevant parts of each code and/or standard applicable to the kind of prescribed radiation facility authorised in Schedule 1A of the licence.

ARPANSA will notify licence holders when a code or standard is changed or updated.

Best practice: Licence holders are encouraged to undertake periodic self-assessment against applicable codes and standards to demonstrate compliance. 

Amendment of licence conditions

The CEO may write to the licence holder at any time to amend a licence, to impose additional licence conditions or to remove or vary licence conditions that were previously imposed.  

The licence holder may request a review of any such licensing decisions under section 40 of the Act.

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