Performance objectives and criteria

The performance objectives and criteria (POC) applying to source and facility licences support the regulatory assessment of controlled activities by guiding the planning and conduct of ARPANSA inspections. They help to establish the scope and detail of inspections. The POC also support the delivery of a consistent, transparent and rigorous regulatory service to each of our licence holders.

The POC provide a comprehensive list of features, controls and behaviours that contribute to safety and are used to supplement the assessment of licence holder compliance with the provisions of the ARPANS legislation, licence conditions and the requirements of relevant codes and standards.

ARPANSA has revised the Source POC (applying to source licences) so that they more closely align with ARPANSA Regulatory Guide Plans and arrangements for managing safety (P&A Guide). The revised Source POC will come into effect 1 January 2021.

ARPANSA has started revising the current Facility POC (applying to facility licences) to also align them with the P&A Guide. It is planned that a revised edition of the Facility POC will be available for consultation during the first quarter of 2021 and implemented by mid-2021.

The current POC can be downloaded here:

File Performance objectives and criteria for facilities (combined)
File Performance objectives and criteria for source licence holders

ARPANSA encourages the use of the POC for licence holders wishing to undertake their own self-assessment.