Who we regulate

ARPANSA is responsible for licensing Commonwealth entities using radiation and for ongoing compliance monitoring of these entities with the requirements of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 (the Act) and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulations 2018 as well as specific conditions prescribed in the licence. 

ARPANSA regulates a broad range of sources and activities from baggage X-ray units in airports to the OPAL research reactor at Lucas Heights. We also regulate the use of hazardous non-ionising radiation which includes high powered lasers and powerful sources of ultraviolet radiation.

The Act applies to 'controlled persons' who undertake activities in relation to nuclear installations, prescribed radiation facilities and dealings with controlled material or controlled apparatus. 

The Act also applies to ‘permitted persons’ who are persons other than controlled persons who are permitted, under an arrangement with the licence holder, to do any of the things for which the licence holder is authorised. Refer to section 11A of the Act.

In section 13 of the Act, a ‘controlled person’ is defined as:

  • Commonwealth entity - this includes:
    • Commonwealth departments (e.g. Department of Defence, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
    • bodies corporate established for a public purpose by or under an Act (e.g. CSIRO, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)
    • a company in which a controlling interest is held by the Commonwealth (e.g. Telstra)
    • an employee of a person or body covered by any of the above
  • Commonwealth contractor - this means a person (other than a Commonwealth entity) who is a party to a contract with a Commonwealth entity. Refer to section 11 of the Act.
  • an employee of a Commonwealth contractor
  • person in a prescribed Commonwealth place.

NOTE: If you do not fit this definition then you may need a licence with one of the State or territory regulators.

ARPANSA licence holders

The following organisations hold one or more ARPANSA licences as of May 2016:

ASC Pty Ltd and ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd
Attorney-General's Department
Australian Crime Commission
Australian Federal Police
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Australian National University
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Australian Postal Corporation
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Sports Commission
Australian War Memorial
Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Decipha Pty Ltd
Department of Agriculture & Water Resources
Department of Defence/Australian Defence Forces
Department of Environment
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Department of Industry, Innovation & Science
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Department of Parliamentary Services
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Family Court of Australia
Federal Court of Australia
High Court of Australia
Indian Ocean Territory Health Service
Law Courts Limited
National Archives of Australia
National Gallery of Australia
National Museum of Australia
Note Printing Australia
Reserve Bank of Australia
Royal Australian Mint
Silex Systems Limited