ARPANSA is committed to applying a consistent approach in how it regulates Commonwealth entities. Regulatory Services has developed a suite of manuals on how to conduct licensing and assessment, inspection, and compliance and enforcement activities.


Review and Assessment Manual

The Review and Assessment Manual covers the assessment and approval of applications from Commonwealth entities and the continuous improvement of those processes. Matters covered by the manual include:

  • applications for a licence or amendment to a licence
  • applications for an exemption
  • requests for approval to make changes with significant implications for safety
  • requests for approval to transfer or dispose of a source
  • requests for approval to transport radioactive material.

Inspection Manual

The Inspection Manual elaborates on the policy statement and supporting principles outlined in the Policy for ARPANSA’s Regulatory Activities as relevant to inspections. 

Compliance Manual

The Compliance Manual provides guidance to regulatory staff about monitoring compliance and managing non-compliance using a graded and risk-based approach.


In addition to inspections and compliance requirements, ARPANSA has also initiated a program of verification of environmental monitoring for major nuclear facilities.

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