How we regulate

ARPANSA is committed to applying a consistent approach in how it regulates Commonwealth entities. Regulatory Services has developed a suite of manuals on how to conduct Licensing and Assessment, Inspection, and Compliance and Enforcement activities.


Licensing and Assessment Manual

The Licensing and Assessment Manual covers the assessment and approval of applications from Commonwealth entities and the continuous improvement of those processes. Matters covered by the manual include:

  • applications for a licence
  • licence amendment or exemption from a licence
  • requests for approval to transfer or dispose of controlled material
  • requests for approval of transport of radioactive material.

File Licensing and Assessment Manual

PDF icon Licensing and Assessment Manual

Inspection Manual

The fundamental objective of ARPANSA’s inspection program is to inform ARPANSA of the safety performance of controlled persons operating under a licence issued by, or on behalf of, the CEO of ARPANSA. The program assists in providing assurance to the Australian community that activities involving radiation facilities and sources do not pose undue radiation risks to people and the environment. The Inspection Manual elaborates on the policy statement and supporting principles outlined in the Policy for ARPANSA’s Regulatory Activities as relevant to inspections. The Policy is aligned with the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) General Safety Requirements (GSR Part 1 Rev 1) Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Safety. 

File Inspection Manual

PDF icon Inspection Manual

Compliance and Enforcement Manual

The aim of ARPANSA’s regulatory activities is to verify that licence holders and controlled persons comply with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulations 1999 and licence conditions. The outcomes of these activities should provide reasonable assurance to the Government and the public that people and the environment are being protected from the harmful effects of radiation. ARPANSA adopts a graded and risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement. When non-compliance is identified, the regulatory response should be graded and proportionate to the actual or potential significance of the non-compliance. The minimum response necessary should be used to achieve the desired result which in most cases will be a return to compliance. The Compliance and Enforcement Manual provides guidance to regulatory staff about monitoring compliance and managing non-compliance. Guidance for stakeholders is provided in the Regulatory guide: Graded approach to dealing with licence holder non-compliance.

File Compliance and Enforcement Manual

PDF icon Compliance and Enforcement Manual