Australian Adult (15+ years) IGIP DRLs

The DRLs below were introduced on 31 March 2020.

CategoryDescriptionKAP (Gy.cm2)Ka (Gy)
Coronary angiogram

The passage of a catheter into the aortic root or other great vessels for angiography of the native coronary arteries (with or without a left ventriculogram).

Inclusion Criteria: Patients with ‘normal’ coronaries; no or physiologically insignificant diameter stenosis (<50% narrowing).


KAP – kerma-area product (also called dose-area product)
Ka – cumulative air kerma at the patient entrance reference point

Adult (15+ years) reference level quartiles for angiography and interventional radiology

This table provides additional information on the observed distributions of Facility Reference Levels (FRLs). The National DRLs are shown in bold. Rounded 25th and 50th percentiles of the FRL distributions are also shown. This additional information can be used by a facility to more fully appreciate how their FRLs compare to those of their peers. If your FRL is near the 50th percentile you are approximately consistent with most other sites. If your FRL is below the 25th percentile you are amongst the lowest dose sites. It is important to ensure that image quality is sufficient for the clinical task.

CategoryKAP (Gy.cm2)Cumulative Air Kerma (Gy)
Coronary angiogram1624300.250.350.50

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