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Image guided interventional procedures statistics

Data submitted for the IGIP survey in 2017 are summarised below.

Submissions were received from 18 facilities incorporating 36 interventional rooms. A total of 49 surveys were submitted, encompassing 1408 patients.

Facility reference levels (FRLs) were computed for the 46 surveys that included at least 20 patients. The data for coronary angiography are presented below as this was the only protocol with sufficient data.

Figure 1: Coronary angiogram survey median DAP distribution

Figure 1a:  Coronary angiogram patient DAP distribution

Figure 2: Coronary angiogram survey median reference dose distribution

Figure 2a: Coronary angiogram patient reference dose distribution

Figure 3: Coronary angiogram dose-area product vs patient weight

Figure 4: Coronary angiogram dose-area product vs number of frames

Figure 5: Coronary angiogram reference point dose vs dose-area product