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Radiation Protection Series

12 September 2017

2.  Radiation protection principles for existing exposure situations

2.1 Principles for protection

12 September 2017

1. Introduction

1.1 Citation

This publication may be cited as the Existing Exposure Guide (2017).

12 September 2017

This publication was prepared jointly with the Radiation Health Committee. The Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council advised the CEO to adopt the Guide.

12 September 2017

This Guide for Radiation Protection in Existing Exposure Situations (2017) establishes a framework in Australia for the protection of occupationally exposed persons, the public and the environment in existing exposure situations. This guide applies a risk based approach when considering the application, justification and optimisation of existing exposure strategies and remedial actions.

Document placed on a wooden table.
1 May 2017

National Directory for Radiation Protection (RPS 6) is the uniform national framework for radiation protection in Australia.


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