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Ultraviolet radiation

30 October 2019

Earlier this month ARPANSA and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) met to formalise our partnership to promote sun safety and support skin cancer prevention.

Installation of the UV sensor in Emerald, Queensland
28 August 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the newest location in our ultraviolet (UV) radiation monitoring network is now online. Emerald is the fourth location in Queensland to join our network of real-time UV data.

This was a review investigating the risk of exposure to artificial tanning devices (sunbeds) and the risk of

This was an exposure study analysing ultraviolet radiation (UVR) measurement

This was a population-based,

28 November 2018

Information for consumers and manufacturers

Information for consumers

This was an in vivo study investigating the effect

23 November 2017

Assistant Minister for Health, The Hon Dr David Gillespie and Cancer Council Victoria Prevention Director Craig Sinclair officially named ARPANSA a SunSmart workplace.

This paper reviewed some hypothesised mechanisms of how skin cancers may develop.

11 July 2017

Our new charts help you find out what the ultraviolet radiation index is at our measurement sites and what time the ultraviolet radiation (UV) index will be at its highest.


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