Bright rays of sunshine beaming through a tall tree.
20 Jun 2017
Advice on reducing health effects associated with ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure from the sun.
20 Jun 2017
Solar UV radiation is the single most significant source of UV radiation and can reach a person on the ground from three sources, directly from the sun, scattered from the open sky and reflected from the environment.
1 May 2017
This Radiation Protection Standard limits the occupational exposure to ultraviolet radiation for artificial sources in the workplace, considered to be a controlled environment and provides guidance on minimising a person's exposure to uncontrollable sources of UVR, such as the sun.
Occupational Factsheets
20 Apr 2020
Do you use, or are you exposed to radiation as part of your work? Our new suite of occupational exposure factsheets have been designed to keep you informed about the type of radiation you may be exposed to, any possible health effects and how to adequately protect yourself.
17 Dec 2018
All occupations undertaken outdoors will result in exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun. Some occupations, particularly in the manufacturing industry, will be exposed to artificial sources of UVR. Protective measures are advised for workers exposed to UVR in order to minimise potential health risks.

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