Radiation Protection Standard for Occupational Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (2006)*

This Radiation Protection Standard limits the occupational exposure to ultraviolet radiation for artificial sources in the workplace, considered to be a controlled environment and provides guidance on minimising a person's exposure to uncontrollable sources of UVR, such as the sun.

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Supplementary information

Safety Guide Statement

A complimentary educational poster on UVR Health and Safety is available on request (requests should be emailed to info@arpansa.gov.au). The poster fulfils the requirement of footnote 1 (page 7 of the Standard):

It is planned to produce an ARPANSA Safety Guide Statement of the health effects and general information in easy to understand plain language for distribution to outdoor workers and the general public”.

Management Plans for Controlling Exposure to UV

Following are sample management plans intended to assist employers to fulfil the requirements of section 2.1 (Employer’s Duties):

"the employer must: ensure that a plan for the control of exposure to ultraviolet radiation is developed, approved, implemented and regularly reviewed, and that the workforce is consulted in the planning and review process (examples of such a plan and the minimum elements required to be in the plan are given on the ARPANSA web site www.arpansa.gov.au."

The Sample Plans tell you what you should include when writing your own sun protection plan or artificial source plan :

Supplementary Information for Sample Plans :

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