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Ultraviolet radiation

20 June 2017

ARPANSA tests thousands of materials every year and rates their sun protection abilities.

20 June 2018

There is well-established evidence that long-term overexposure to solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun can lead to eye damage such as cataracts. Sunglasses are an effective method of UVR protection for the eyes.

20 June 2017

Direct viewing of a full or partial solar eclipse can cause permanent eye damage. ARPANSA recommends viewing an eclipse using indirect methods.

A male scientist wearing a white lab coat and dark eye protecting glasses leans forward to adjust an ultraviolet radiation measuring device which is positioned to measure the ultraviolet radiation coming from a black light.
20 June 2017

We can assess natural and artificial UVR hazards in both public spaces and in occupational exposure situations using a variety of techniques and instruments.

Close up hands placing a pair of sunglasses into a large machine for testing.
20 June 2017

We test all common types of sunglass lenses to the Australian standard and issue test reports that state the lens category and other mandatory labelling information.

Series of triangular shade sails blocking sections of a cloudy sky.
20 June 2017

Shade fabric, also known as shadecloth, is a popular method of providing climate control in greenhouses and nurseries for plants and for providing shade for people outdoors. We operate a service for measuring effectiveness of shade fabrics for sun protection

Close-up of a pair of hands examining a green piece of fabric with testing equipment.
20 June 2017

All fabrics have some ability to block UVR but laboratory testing is needed to tell how useful different fabrics are for sun protection by measuring the Ultraviolet Protection Factor or 'UPF' rating.

20 June 2017

There is no established scientific evidence that the low level radiofrequency electromagnetic energy exposure from smart meters causes any health effects.

20 June 2017

Instructions on how you can list your products on our website.

Bright rays of sunshine beaming through a tall tree.
20 June 2017

Advice on reducing health effects associated with ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure from the sun.


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