Appendix 5: Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

The object of the ARPANS Act is to protect the health and safety of people and to protect the environment from the harmful effects of radiation. In accordance with the Act, ARPANSA takes into account the radiological impact on the environment in assessing licence applications from Commonwealth entities and their contractors.

The Agency supports and promotes practices that can improve energy management and environmental practices within both the Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra offices. ARPANSA has in place an Environment Policy and is committed to:

  • complying with relevant Commonwealth and state environment legislation and with the Australian Government's environmental policies and initiatives
  • implementing a continually improving standard of environmental performance and provide an environmentally sound workplace
  • integrating environmental, social and economic considerations in its decision making including decisions on purchasing, in contracting for goods and services and in any building work it undertakes
  • encouraging openness, transparency and improved accountability by reporting its environmental management annual reports and engaging with the community
  • implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System aligned with the ISO 14001 Standard.

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