Request for comment of ARPANSA documents

From time to time, ARPANSA invites submissions on draft documents released for public comment. Details of draft documents are available below.

Licensing decisions

Subsection 48(3) of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulations 2018 provides that if a facility licence application relates to a nuclear installation, the CEO of ARPANSA in addition to the requirements of subsection 48(2) must invite people and bodies to make submissions about the application, provide a period for making submissions, and provide procedures for making submissions.

Past requests for submissions

ANSTO Little Forest Legacy Site 'Possess or Control' Licence Application

ANSTO application to Operate Interim Waste Store

ANSTO Construction Licence application for Nuclear Medicine Molybdenum-99 Facility

ANSTO Licence applications for Interim Waste Store - Site and Construct

ANSTO Licence applications for Nuclear Medicine Molybdenum-99 Facility and SyMo Facility

ARPANSA held a community information session on the siting licence application for the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Molybdenum-99 Facility, and the siting and construction licence applications for the Interim Waste Store, and the SyMo Facility at the Engadine Community Centre in Engadine, New South Wales on Thursday 16 May 2013.

Community information session program



Transcript (depersonalised) - community information session



Response to public submission questions and comments



The following submission from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (DRET) provides clarification on a number of issues raised during public consultation



Invitation to make submissions on ANSTO’s application for a facility licence to decommission the National Medical Cyclotron

OPAL reactor

See Opal Reactor for information on the public consultation process for both the Construction and Operating licence applications for Opal.

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