Appendix 1 - Stakeholder Engagement

Table 11: ARPANSA stakeholder engagement activities
14 August 2012 and 11 April 2013ARPANSA hosted two UV Alert meetings, which is a joint Australian/New Zealand Committee examining ways of disseminating information to the public on UV levels and the UV index more effective.
August 2012ARPANSA releases draft Amendment No. 6 to the National Directory for Radiation Protection for public consultation on its website.
August 2012ARPANSA invites public submissions on its Draft Regulatory Guide: Licensing of Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal Facilities. Public submissions close on 24 September 2012.
16 November 2012 and 28 June 2013ARPANSA convenes a meeting of the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group which included representatives from community groups, industry and government to discuss the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation from telecommunication. The November meeting focused on ARPANSA's health impact review including presentations by an expert panel on their findings.
15-18 October 2012ARPANSA staff members deliver presentations at the Australasian Radiation Protection Society annual conference held in Sydney.
14 December 2012ARPANSA assists Australian Transport Safety Bureau by recovering and making safe radiological material from its Canberra Offices which were gathered as evidence from an aviation accident investigation in Queensland.
19 November 2012ARPANSA hosts Licence Holders' Forum at the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Lucas Heights, Sydney which was attended by fifty-three representatives from twelve licence-holder organisations.
November 2012ARPANSA hosts IAEA funded regional Transport Security of Nuclear Material training course which involved regulatory and operational representatives and focusing upon capacity building for Transport Security within our region. Sixteen regional and six Australian delegates from counterpart nuclear agencies attended.
16 May 2013ARPANSA hosts a community information session at Engadine Community Centre relating to ANSTO's licence applications for the proposed Intermediate Waste Store at Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre, the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Molybdenum-99 Facility and the ANSTO SyMo Facility.
June 2013ARPANSA releases a draft Fundamentals for Protection against Ionising Radiation for public consultation on its website and public consultations closed in mid-August 2013.
6-9 May 2013ARPANSA hosts an International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy (ICCR 2013) in Melbourne which is a key meeting for those involved in Monte Carlo and Treatment Planning for radiotherapy. Eight ARPANSA staff attended and presented three posters and one oral paper.

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