Appendix 2 - Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety Committee

ARPANSA staff, management and the unions consult through the operation of the Work Health and Safety Committee. The committee is chaired by the CEO and made up of Health and Safety Representatives and management representatives of all branches. The committee meets five times a year.

Work health and safety measures taken in 2012–2013 include the following:

  • influenza immunisations for staff in all three campuses
  • training of Health and Safety Representatives in the responsibilities expected of them under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • completion of further Yallambie renovations and property services to better comply with the new Work Health and Safety Act
  • delivery of additional mandatory Work Health and Safety training for all staff, both workers and managers.

At the meetings there was a demonstrated collegiate approach by committee members to address and rectify as quickly as possible, any issues that arose during the meetings.

This financial year work continued on the renovation of the Yallambie Campus and the images below show the premises before and after completion of the works. The renovation included the development of building code compliant disabled access, enhanced security and modernised reception facilities.

Yallambie Office - before and after renovation
Yallambie Building - before and after renovation

Health and Safety Management Arrangements

Health and Safety Management Arrangements have been in place in ARPANSA since late 2007. The arrangements explain the following:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • consultation
  • confidentiality
  • organisational arrangements, including dispute resolution
  • implementation
  • review.

Incidents or Injuries

ARPANSA's health and safety environment remained positive with only one lost time injury in the 2012–13 year. Whilst 19 reports were submitted, 11 were to report hazards and 8 to report injuries. Of these injuries, one involved lost time, one required medical treatment and the others were dealt with by the first aid officers.

With regard to the 19 reports, 16 were from Yallambie and 3 were from Miranda. There were no reports from the Canberra office.

Each report has been followed up to ensure that any action required to create a safer working environment has been addressed.

The reporting system has been overhauled to create forms that more accurately reflect the information required about incidents, hazards or accidents. These forms also now contain an appendix that must be completed should the situation involve radiation. The Incident Register format has also been updated and is made available to staff on the intranet.

As one incident involved asbestos, Comcare was advised resulting in the attendance at the Yallambie campus of a Comcare inspector. The inspection was undertaken and a report provided by Comcare stating: "There are no issues or actions arising from this visit."

Table 12: 2012–13 Work Health & Safety Inspection Schedule
July 2012Yallambie – ground and first floor
September 2012Yallambie – ground floor east
November 2012Yallambie – facilities and grounds including roof and basement
March 2013Miranda – all areas
May 2013Yallambie – first floor

Investigations or Notices Given

Consistent with previous years, no investigations were conducted or notices given during 2012–13 relevant to sections 85, 90, 191, 195 and 198 of the Work Health and Safety Act.

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