Appendix 2: Work Health and Safety

ARPANSA staff and management consult through the operation of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee. The Committee is chaired by the CEO and made up of health and safety representatives, management representatives and the WHS Coordinator to provide work health and safety expertise and coordination. Specialist advisors for emergency response, radiation safety, first aid, chemical safety, property management, human resources, legal and security attend the Committee meetings as required and provide updates on issues impacting on health and safety. The Committee meets six times a year.
WHS measures undertaken in 2014-15 include:

  • influenza immunisations for staff in all three campuses
  • chemical safety training
  • installation of new speed and pedestrian crossing signage to improve traffic management at the Yallambie site
  • an upgrade to the First Aid Room at Yallambie
  • removal of the majority of the asbestos at the Yallambie site
  • making stand desks and height adjustable desks available to staff with medical needs and for those that are taller than 185cm
  • ergonomic improvements to office setups.

The WHS Committee demonstrated a collegiate approach to addressing and rectifying any issues identified as quickly as possible.

Health and safety management arrangements

Health and safety management arrangements have been in place in ARPANSA since late 2007. The arrangements explain the following:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • consultation
  • confidentiality
  • organisational arrangements, including dispute resolution
  • implementation
  • review.

Incidents or injuries

During 2014-15, there has been a concerted effort to improve hazard and incident reporting within ARPANSA.

There were eighteen hazards and near misses reported including eight related to faulty or damaged equipment and eight related to poor design or manufacture.

There were twenty two incidents resulting in minor injuries including four cuts, three musculoskeletal injuries, six where personnel were struck by objects, three related to damaged equipment and one spider bite. Medical treatments were only required for two of these incidents. During 2014-15, there were no notifiable incidents and no loss time injuries reported. There were no Comcare claims made during this reporting period.

Investigations or notices given

During 2014-15, there were no investigations or notices given.

Table 11: 2014-15 Work health and safety inspection schedule
Aug 2014Melbourne Plant and grounds
Oct 2014Melbourne East Wing
Dec 2014Melbourne West Wing
May 2015Melbourne Laboratories

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