Appendix 4: Advertising and Market Research

Forms of Advertising

During 2014-15, ARPANSA commissioned a market research study to survey a selection of our stakeholders to identify their perceptions of radiation, perceptions of ARPANSA and its performance, and our use of communication channels. The total expenditure relating to this market research amounted to $41 917 (inclusive of GST), and details are contained in Table 12.

ARPANSA did not commission any work from creative advertising agencies, polling organisations or direct mail organisations.

Section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 requires details of payments of $12 565 and above (inclusive of GST). Expenditure on media advertising and public notices was below the threshold.

During 2014-15, ARPANSA did not conduct any advertising campaigns.

Table 12: Market research expenditure during 2014-15
Orima Research Pty LtdCommunity Stakeholder Survey$41 917

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