Part 3: Report on Performance - 3.6 Discussion and analysis of financial performance

Report on performance

For the financial year ending 30 June 2015, ARPANSA reported an operating deficit of $1.64m. This deficit is attributed to depreciation and amortisation expense not requiring appropriation.

Revenue for the year totalled $24.1m, of which 55% was appropriated by government. The remaining amounts related to regulatory licence fees and charges and from the sale of goods and services. ARPANSA’s expenses totalled $25.8m. Approximately 61% of these expenses are attributed to employee benefits.

The Agency will continue to implement initiatives it commenced during this financial year to ensure the ongoing efficiency and effectiveness by which it delivers its program, to ensure it operates within its financial resource base.

Table 1: ARPANSA Expenses for Outcome 1
Outcome 1:
Protection of people and the environment through radiation protection and nuclear safety research, policy, advice, codes, standards, services and regulation

$'000 (a)
Actual Expenses
$'000 (b)

$'000 (a)-(b)
Program 1.1: (Radiation protection and nuclear safety)   
Departmental expenses   
   Ordinary annual services (Appropriation Bill No. 1)13 25811 9671 291
   Special Accounts10 04611 489(1 443)
   Expenses not requiring appropriation in the Budget year12 1712 333(162)
   Operating Loss536-536
   Total for Program 1.126 01125 789222
Total for Outcome26 01125 789222
Average staffing level (FTE)125128 
1 Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2014-15



Table 2: ARPANSA Resource Statement – 2013–14
 Actual Available
for 2014–15
Ordinary Annual Services1
Department appropriation
   Prior year departmental appropriation21 6441 644-
   Departmental appropriation315 25612 3172 939
   Total 16 90013 9612 939
Total ordinary annual services 16 90013 961 
Other services4
Departmental non-operating
   Equity injections-1 225(1 225)
   Total -1 225(1 225)
Total other services -1 225 
Special Accounts5     
   Opening balance1 395  
   Appropriation receipts615 186  
   Non-appropriation receipts to Special Accounts12 314  
   Payments made 27 384 
Total Special Account28 89627 3841 511
Total resourcing45 79542 570 
   Less departmental appropriations and equity
   injections drawn from the above and
   credited to special accounts
(15 186)(15 186) 
Total net resourcing for ARPANSA30 60927 384 
1Appropriation Bill (No.1) 2014-15.
2Balance carried forward from previous year for annual appropriations.
3Includes an amount of $1.644 million in 2014-15 for Departmental Capital Budget. For accounting purposes this amount has been designated as ‘contributions by owner’'.
4Appropriation Bill (No.2) 2014-15.
5Does not include ‘Special Public Money’ held in accounts like Other Trust Monies accounts. Services for other Government and Non-agency Bodies accounts, or Services for Other Entities and Trust Moneys Special accounts.
6Appropriation receipts from ARPANSA’s annual and special appropriations for 2014-15 included above.

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