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There is currently a suspension or adjustment to some of our activities due to COVID-19. For full details please visit our Activities in response to COVID-19 information page.

Regulator Performance Framework


In October 2014, the Government introduced the Regulator Performance Framework to provide a common set of performance measures for increased accountability and greater transparency in the way regulators perform their role.

The framework requires regulators to look at how they operate and the regulatory impact they create when administering regulation. It also helps to drive cultural change in regulators to encourage them to adopt appropriate regulatory risk-based approaches to their role.

See our Commitment to good regulatory practice for more information about the Regulator Performance Framework and the evidence metrics we have developed against the framework.

Annual self-assessments of regulatory performance

We undertake self-assessment of our performance against our agreed evidence metrics, as required under the framework. The results of our self-assessments have been approved by the CEO, and validated by the Nuclear Safety Committee.

2018-19 Self-assessment Report:
PDF icon Self-assessment report 2018-19
File Self-assessment report 2018-19

2017-18 Self-assessment Report:
PDF icon Self-assessment report 2017-18
File Self-assessment report 2017-18

2016-17 Self-assessment Report:
PDF icon Self-assessment report 2016-17
File Self-assessment report 2016-17

2015-16 Self-assessment Report:
PDF icon Self Assessment Report 2015-16
File Self Assessment Report 2015-16