New OSL monitor information

Image key
  1. Wearer name
  2. Wearer registration number
  3. Wearing period
  4. Unique identifier
  5. Dosimeter serial number
  6. Centre number
  7. Wearer position


  • Lightweight design
    Weighing in at only 11.5 grams
  • Built for durability
    Developed using state of the art technology
  • Improved return system
    Sending the monitor back is a breeze
  • Simply clip and go
    Ready to clip and wear straight away
  • Attach the clip from the bag
    Latch the clip through the loop at the top
  • Do not remove from cover
    Leave the monitor in the plastic cover
  • Wear it like a name tag
    Your name label should face away from your body

OSL monitor FAQs

What is the OSL monitor?
The OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) monitor is replacing the TLD/Special TLD monitor and measures potential occupational doses from gamma radiation and X-rays.

How much does the OSL cost?
The price is $15.40 including GST per monitor. This is the same price since October 2012 and is locked in for the whole 16/17 financial year.

What do I do with my old products?
You may dispose of any old holders or keys at your leisure.

How do I wear the OSL?
You should wear the OSL at the chest or waist level (the same as the TLD/Special TLD monitor). It should be worn like a name tag, with your name label facing away from your body.

Can I remove the monitor from the plastic cover?
Do not remove the monitor from the plastic cover. Doing so could result in damage to the product and incorrect readings.

How long do I have to return the OSL?
You have 30 days to return the OSL from the end of the wearing period. Any monitors not received by this time will incur a non-refundable late fee of $39.60 inc GST per monitor. This amount cannot be credited back.

How do I return the OSL?

  1. Take the clip off the OSL and keep for future use.
  2. Place the OSL in the same padded jiffy bag it arrived in.
  3. Simply peel the red strip away and fold the top panel of the bag (see above).
  4. Use the return sticker in the bag.

Please be aware that postage fees will be incurred by the party returning the monitors.

Can I complete my transactions online?
Online self-service for PRMS will be coming soon.

Where do I go for further information?
For information on how to contact the PRMS team, see PRMS contact details.

Additional Information