Order monitors and update details

To register, order monitors and update relevant details, please complete the relevant electronic form and email it to prmsatarpansa.gov.au.

I want to:

Sign up as a new centre

Use this form to sign up as a new centre.

File PRMS - new centre registration form

Register a new wearer

Use this form to register a new wearer at a registered centre.

PDF icon PRMS - new wearer registration form
File PRMS - new wearer registration form

It is a requirement to provide full names and date of births for each wearer. This enables the creation of a unique wearer ID number for maintaining a dose history.

If you have wearer transfers between existing centres, please prmsatarpansa.gov.au (email us.)

Deregister a wearer

Use this form to deregister an existing wearer from a registered centre.

PDF icon PRMS - deregister wearer form
File PRMS - deregister wearer form

Cancel centre registration

Use this form to cancel your centre’s registration.

Cancel centre registration

Returning your monitors

  1. Take clips off monitors to keep for future use.
  2. Place the monitors into an ARPANSA returnable package with your monitor details form.
  3. Place the return sticker on your returning package.

Monitors are required to be returned to ARPANSA within 60 days from the end of the wearing period date. Monitors returned after 60 days may incur a non-refundable non-returned/late fee. 

If you don’t have a return sticker see our contact us page for the return address.

Please be aware that return postage fees will apply.