3 different options to wear a radiation eye monitor - Headband, clip onto glasses or stick to glasses with adhesive tape.

The eye monitor measures doses to the lens of the eye from photon radiation and beta radiation.

By wearing an eye dosimeter, workers can track their eye radiation exposure levels over time and ensure that they are within the safe limits prescribed by regulatory standards. It also enables employers and radiation safety officers to assess the effectiveness of radiation shielding measures and implement necessary adjustments to protect workers' eyes. This is important because the eyes are particularly sensitive to radiation and can be vulnerable to damage if exposed to excessive doses.

The use of eye monitors contributes to maintaining the health and safety of workers in occupations such as interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, medical imaging, and other industries that use ionising radiation.

The eye monitor is used in addition to other monitors that measure radiation exposure to the torso. We recommend pairing the eye monitor with our OSL whole body monitor.

Directly measures

Eye dose - Hp(3)

Minimum detectable dose (MDD)

50 µSv

Minimum reportable dose (MRD)*

100 µSv

Uncertainty at the MRD**


* MRD is based on the Limit of Quantification as defined by “Determination and Interpretation of Characteristic Limits for Radioactivity Measurements” (IAEA/AQ/48)
** Uncertainty at the MRD is based on the 95% confidence limit


Monitoring cycle period

This is the length of time for wearing the monitor

4 or 12 weeks

Monitor position

On the head - monitors can be attached to safety glasses or a headband


Monitor* (including delivery) $17.00 + GST
Non-returned/late** or irreparably damaged monitor $36.00 + GST
Express Post/ Courier $9.10 + GST per delivery

*Volume-based price reductions are available, please contact us for details.

**The eye monitors are required to be returned to ARPANSA within 60 days from the end of the wearing period date. Monitors not received within 60 days will incur a non-refundable non-returned/late fee of $36 + GST per monitor. This amount cannot be credited back.

Each delivery of radon monitors will include a control monitor free of charge.

All prices exclude GST.

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