Neutron monitor clipped to the pocket of a lab coat.
Neutron monitor clipped to the belt on pants.

The neutron monitor comprises of an Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dosimeter and a heavy ion sensitive Polyallyl Diglycol Carbonate (PADC) plastic to measure potential occupational doses from fast neutrons, beta rays and gamma rays.

Directly Measures

skin dose - Hp(0.07)

whole body dose - Hp(10)

whole body dose - Hp(10)
Minimum Detectable Dose (MDD) 50 µSv 100 µSv
Minimum Reportable Dose (MRD)* 100 µSv 200 µSv
Uncertainty at the MRD** 30% 50%

* MRD is based on the Limit of Quantification as defined by “Determination and Interpretation of Characteristic Limits for Radioactivity Measurements” (IAEA/AQ/48)
** Uncertainty at the MRD is based on the 95% confidence limit

Monitoring cycle period

This is the length of time for wearing the monitor

4 or 12 weeks

Monitor position

This is where you position the monitor

Chest or waist level with your name label facing away from your body
Monitor* (inc delivery) $34.00 + GST
Non-returned/Late** or irreparably damaged monitor

$67.50 + GST

Express Post/Courier $9.10 + GST per delivery or $50 + GST per year

*Volume-based price reductions are available, please contact us for details.

**The neutron dosimeters are required to be returned to ARPANSA within 60 days from the end of the wearing period date. Dosimeters not returned within 60 days will incur a non-refundable non-returned/late fee of $67.50 + GST per monitor. This amount cannot be credited back.

Each delivery of neutron monitors will include a control monitor free of charge.

All prices exclude GST.

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