Safety Guide for Monitoring, Assessing and Recording Occupational Radiation Doses in Mining and Mineral Processing (2011)

This Safety Guide is intended to promote a nationally consistent approach to monitoring, assessing and recording occupational exposures to radiation for mining and mineral processing operations.

It is a companion volume to the Code of Practice and Safety Guide for Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Management in Mining and Mineral Processing (the Mining Code), which was published in 2005. The Mining Code provides a uniform framework for radiation protection and radioactive waste management, including information and guidance to assist in development of a radiation management plan and a radioactive waste management plan.

This Safety Guide provides further, more detailed guidance on the specific topic of radiation monitoring, dose assessment and recording of doses for employees. It is intended to provide a practical and technically valid resource for industry and government. In particular, it should be a useful aid in the development and implementation of a radiation management plan for a mining and processing operation. Although the details of monitoring data collection and assessment are necessarily site and equipment specific, it is important that reported results are comparable despite technical specificities. The recent development of the Australian National Radiation Dose Register (ANRDR) has underlined the importance of such comparability, and this Safety Guide is expected to be an important supporting document to the ANRDR.

Amendment of Tables

To bring the dose coefficients provided in RPS 9 and RPS 9.1 in line with updates to the occupational dose coefficients presented in the International Commission for Radiation Protection (ICRP) Occupational Intake of Radionuclides (OIR) document series Tables 1 and 2 from RPS 9 and Table A1 and A2 from RPS 9.1 have been amended. 

You can find the amended tables here

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