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Radiation Protection Series No. 14.1

Front cover - RPS No. 14.1 Safety Guide for Radiation Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (2008)

This Safety Guide is one of three guides that support the application of the Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in the Medical Applications of Ionizing Radiation (RPS14). While the Code establishes the regulatory requirements for the use of ionizing radiation in medicine, this Safety Guide gives practitioners in diagnostic and interventional radiology a best practice approach to their day-to-day clinical work. The Safety Guide should also assist in providing practical means to meet the mandatory requirements of the Code.

Removal of Annex H

In January 2015, Annex H - Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Standards for Control of Exposure, was removed from the electronic edition of RPS 14.1. For information on the health effects of ionising radiation, refer to RPS F-1 Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014).

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PDF icon Radiation Protection Series 14.1 - Safety Guide - Radiation Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Annex H removed January 2015)

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Printed copies of this Safety Guide are available for purchase directly from ARPANSA at a cost of $16.50 per copy (includes GST and postage).

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Review of Safety Guides

With the continuing advancement of the use of ionising radiation in medicine, it is important that the Safety Guides be reviewed periodically. One of the goals of the Radiation Health Committee is to ensure that the highest standard of protection is made available through the implementation of the relevant Code and Safety Guides.

The implementation period began on 1 July 2009, and the Radiation Health Committee agreed that the Safety Guides be reviewed after two years of operation. In April 2011, as part of the review process, ARPANSA invited comments and submissions from the medical community and interested parties on any aspects of this Safety Guide, including the need for improvements in clarity or detail, any provisions that are difficult to put into practice, or instances where better or more up to date advice than that given in the Safety Guide may be more appropriate.

Five submissions on RPS 14.1 were received. At its July 2012 meeting, the Radiation Health Committee reviewed the comments received. These mainly involved the assignment of roles, duties and responsibilities of the various key persons, which is a matter relevant to the Medical Code (RPS 14) and not to this Safety Guide. Some comments to update the Safety Guides were agreed with, for example that a fetal dose should be stated in mGy in RPS 14.1.

The RHC considered that the suggested changes were not critical and decided to leave any revision of RPS 14.1 until such time as any review and revision of the Medical Code is well-advanced and substantive issues had been identified.