Who needs to be monitored?

If you work in an environment where you may be exposed to ionising radiation, you may need to be monitored.

The Recommendations for Limiting Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Section 3.5 Radiation Monitoring states that:

Operators and employers are responsible for ensuring that a radiation monitoring program is developed and followed, as required by the appropriate authority. ...The type and intensity of the monitoring required will depend on the circumstances and level of exposure. While group or area monitoring strategies may be sufficient when assessed doses are well below the dose limits, personal monitoring should be undertaken as far as is practicable when doses may be a significant fraction of the dose limit.

For further information please check:

Please contact your regulatory authority to confirm the monitoring requirements in your workplace.

Regulatory requirements vary across Commonwealth, state and territory jurisdictions in Australia. ARPANSA’s Personal Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS) is unable to provide specific advice on your regulatory requirements. Contact your relevant regulatory authority to check the requirements for your workplace.

The regulatory authorities approve ARPANSA's PRMS. This approval enables our clients to meet their regulatory requirements regarding their personal radiation monitoring program.

When contacting your state or territory regulator, ask to speak with someone about regulations. Once you are in contact with this person, ask your question about regulatory requirements. Questions about radiation monitoring often result in referral to your monitoring provider.

The National Standard for Limiting Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation (1995) and the codes of practice may answer most of your questions regarding requirements for personal radiation monitoring.

Your regulatory authority may assist you with the following questions:

  • Do I or my staff need to be monitored?
  • How frequently do I have to be monitored?
  • How long should I wear the monitors for?
  • Do I have to inform employees of their dose?
  • What is my dose limit?
  • What is my dose constraint?
  • What is the maximum dose I can receive?
  • I have received a large dose, can I still work?
  • The employees do not wear the monitor provided. How do I get them to wear their assigned monitor?
  • Can I use an area monitor, rather than provide a monitor to all the employees?
  • Can I continue working with radiation if I'm pregnant? If so, what are the requirements?