Your monitoring requirements

If you work in a workplace where you may be exposed to ionising radiation, you may need to be monitored.

The Planned Exposure Code (2016) states that:

3.2.5 The Responsible Person must arrange for appropriate radiation monitoring to the extent necessary to:

  1. demonstrate the effectiveness of the measures for protection and safety
  2. assess external radiation doses

The regulatory authority

Regulatory requirements vary across commonwealth, state, and territory jurisdictions in Australia. We are unable to provide specific advice on your monitoring regulatory requirements.

Contact your State/Territory regulatory authority to check the requirements for your workplace.

Your regulatory authority will assist you with the following questions:

  • Which workers need to have personal radiation monitors?
  • How frequently do workers need to be monitored?
  • How long should workers wear the monitors for?
  • Do workers need to be informed of their dose?
  • What is the dose limit for workers?
  • What is our dose constraint?
  • What is the maximum dose workers can receive?
  • A worker has received a large dose, can they still work?
  • The workers are not wearing the personal radiation monitor provided. How do I get them to wear their assigned monitor?
  • Are we able to use an area monitor, rather than provide a monitor to all the workers?
  • Can pregnant workers continue working with radiation? If so, what are the requirements?