Please read these conditions carefully as they specify the basis of the contract between the parties, through which the Service, Associated Services and Associated Items are provided by the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by ARPANSA.

How to obtain the service

To register for the Service, a Centre should complete the Centre registration form and, where applicable, the Wearer registration form. For more information, please contact ARPANSA’s Personal Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS) at:

Free Call: 1800 678 112

619 Lower Plenty Road
Yallambie VIC 3085

Our responsibilities

Once a Centre is registered with the PRMS, ARPANSA shall provide the Service in accordance with these Conditions.

Your responsibilities

Once registered with the PRMS, the Centre should follow all instructions and directions issued by ARPANSA from time to time about how to use the Service, Monitors, the Associated Services and Associated Items. The Centre should read and be aware of the matters contained in these Conditions and ensure that payment is made for the Service within the prescribed times.


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

ARPANSA—the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

ARPANS Act—the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998

Associated Itemsitems, Dose Histories, component parts, or devices associated with the Service that are sold or distributed separately from the Service.

Associated Services—are ancillary services including Dose Histories, urgent issues, special handling services, and electronic mail services which may be charged in addition to the Service.

Centre —the individual, company, or other legal person receiving the Service under this Contract.

Clipa means of attaching a Monitor to a Wearer.

Contractthe agreement between ARPANSA and the Centre governed by these terms and conditions.

Control Monitor—a Monitor dispatched with a supply of Monitors to act as a background dose control.

Dose Historya consolidated report containing the dose history of the radiation exposure recorded by ARPANSA for a Wearer.

Dose Report – a report of assessment of monitors issued after each cycle of Monitors have been returned and includes each Wearer’s cumulative dose for the previous 12 months.

Extremity Monitora radiation Monitor affixed to an extremity such as a finger.

Eye monitor—a monitor suitable for measuring occupational exposure to radiation to the lens of the eye.

GSTGoods and Services Tax.

GST Actthe A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999.

Monitorincludes OSL monitors, neutron monitors and extremity monitors, eye monitors, and radon monitors.

Monitor Details Form (MDF)a form issued by ARPANSA comprising a list of Monitor numbers, a list of Wearers, and a Recommended Wearing Period.

Neutron Monitora monitor suitable for measuring occupational exposure to photon radiation and neutrons.

OSL —a monitor suitable for measuring occupational exposure to photon radiation, including gamma radiation and X‑rays.

PRMSmeans ARPANSA’s Personal Radiation Monitoring Service.

Radon monitora monitor suitable for measuring occupational exposure to radon and radon area monitoring.

Recommended Wearing Periodthe recommended wearing period for a dispatched Monitor as detailed on the Monitor Details Form.

Servicethe service provided by ARPANSA under this Contract, being a measurement service providing assessment of occupational exposure to radiation.

Spare Monitora Monitor not assigned to a registered Wearer.

Wearera person registered with ARPANSA’s PRMS to receive a Monitor.


The parties to the Contract are ARPANSA and the Centre.


From 26 June 2023, these Conditions supersede, revoke and replace any previous terms and conditions for the Service operating between the parties.

Cost of service

ARPANSA will publish an itemised price list for the Service, Associated Services, and the Associated Items which will be the current price under the Contract for the period specified.

These prices may be varied from time to time by ARPANSA by email to the Centre. Prices will be effective at the time of issue of items. There will be no refund in respect of unused items unless such items are faulty or unsuitable for the purpose intended. The Prices quoted will be in Australian Dollars and payment will need to be made in Australian Dollars. Prices are inclusive of postage (excluding couriers) to the Centre, where the Centre is within Australia or its territories.

Charge for the standard monitoring service

This price is for a radiation measurement service including a Dose Report.

Charge for associated items

There is no charge for the Control Monitor unless it is used by a Wearer, not returned, or irreparably damaged.

Charges for issue of monitors

Charges are made for all Monitors issued except for a Control Monitor based on the number of Monitors ordered by the Centre. When a Centre discontinues the service, all Monitors, must be returned to ARPANSA.

Terms of payment


ARPANSA is notionally liable for GST under the GST Act. All charges for supplies under the Contract, unless otherwise stated, will be inclusive of GST and payable by the Centre unless otherwise agreed by ARPANSA in writing. In relation to taxable supplies made under this Contract, ARPANSA agrees to issue the Centre with either: (a) a tax invoice in accordance with the GST Act; or (b) a document satisfying the minimum information requirements under the GST Act, or determinations made thereunder, to entitle a recipient of a taxable supply to claim an input tax credit without holding a tax invoice.

Time for Payment: 

The Centre shall pay all charges under these terms and conditions by the due date specified on the invoice. ARPANSA reserves the right to suspend and/or discontinue provision of the Service where invoices remain outstanding for a period of 60 days from the date specified thereon. All monies owing under the Contract are debts due and payable to the Commonwealth of Australia and may be recovered in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: 

The Courts of the State of Victoria shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute under the Contract. The laws of the State of Victoria govern the Contract.


ARPANSA shall be at liberty to alter any Monitors, Associated Services or Associated Items without altering or affecting the standard or quality of the Monitors, Associated Services or Associated Items.


ARPANSA excludes any statutory warranties or implied terms to the extent legally permitted in respect of the Service, Associated Items or the Associated Services. ARPANSA warrants that the Service, Associated Services and Associated Items are of merchantable quality within the meaning of the Australian Consumer Law. ARPANSA takes all care and steps possible to ensure an accurate and cost effective Service is provided to its clients, however, all warranties under the Contract are subject to the Centre and/or Wearer following any instructions on use and storage of Monitors, Associated Items and Associated Services supplied by ARPANSA.


Monitors should be returned to ARPANSA within 60 days after the end of the Recommended Wearing Period. In the event ARPANSA has not received the returnable Monitors by this time, the Centre will be invoiced a non-refundable fee per Monitor. See monitors page for charges.


ARPANSA will provide Wearers, on request, their Personal Dose History.

Licensing Authorities: 

ARPANSA reserves the right to forward copies of Dose Reports to relevant Commonwealth, state and territory licensing and regulatory authorities.

Conflicts of Interest

As required by law or statutory obligation, ARPANSA reserves the right to disclose data or information obtained through the provision of the Service. ARPANSA reserves the right to immediately cease provision of the Service where a conflict of interest arises between ARPANSA and the Centre or between the provision of the Service and the CEO’s obligations under the ARPANS Act (as determined in the CEO’s absolute discretion).


ARPANSA reserves the right to decline to provide the Service to any person or Centre at its absolute discretion.

Exposure of monitor to a high radiation field

A monitor which has been exposed to a high radiation field, such that it is no longer useable for personal radiation monitoring, is an irreparably damaged monitor. The Centre will be invoiced a non-refundable fee per Monitor. See monitors page for charges.

Contaminated monitor

Monitors which have been contaminated with radioactive material, or any other toxic substance, shall not be returned without agreement for the return from ARPANSA.


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