Clinical Advisory Group

The Clinical Advisory Group, or CAG, was assembled by the ACDS to provide clinical support and advice to the ACDS. The CAG comprises of members from the professional organisations most relevant to the ACDS, and includes representatives from:

  • the Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM)
  • the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiology (RANZCR)
  • the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT)
  • a member representing the Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG)

The CAG meets quarterly to discuss the audit outcomes and ongoing developments within the ACDS. In addition, conversations happen out of session when Out of Tolerance audit outcomes arise.

Request for review

If a facility wishes to request an audit review, they are encouraged to contact the CAG. The CAG provides independent technical and medical advice to the ACDS. Drawn from the three professions involved in radiation oncology, expert individuals are nominated by the organisations which they represent to provide advice and guidance to the ACDS. The CAG can be contacted at

If unsatisfied with the CAG response, facilities can complain directly to the ARPANSA Quality team. Once a complaint is received, we will issue a reference number for tracking all correspondence relevant to the complaint and will be in touch to review your concerns. This process is managed independently from the ACDS. If you wish to submit a complaint, please send through supporting information to (subject: Audit%20outcome%20complaint)

Current CAG membership

  • Dr Allan Fowler, RANZCR
    Radiation Oncologist, Liverpool and Campbelltown Cancer Therapy Centres
  • Dr Albert Tiong, RANZCR
    Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne
  • Dr John Shakeshaft, ACPSEM
    Senior Medical Physicist, Gold Coast University Hospital, ICON Cancer Centre, Gold Coast
  • Dr Nick Hardcastle, TROG
    Principal Research Medical Physicist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne
  • Neal Molloy
    Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist, Genesis Cancer Care, QLD
  • Kate Francis, ASMIRT
    Chief Radiation Therapist, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
  • Andy Cousins, ACPSEM (NZ)
    Radiation Oncology Physics Team Leader, Christchurch Hospital