ACDS staff

The ACDS team is a specialised unit comprising physicists, radiation therapists, software specialists and support staff:

  • Ms Rhonda Brown, QMPS
    Director ACDS, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist 
  • Ms Maddison Shaw
    Clinical Operations Lead, Radiation Therapist (Registered AHPRA)
  • Dr Sabeena Beveridge
    Research ROMP, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist
  • Ms Katherine Metzger
    Business Development Manager, Radiation Therapist (Registered AHPRA)
  • Dr Andrew Alves
    Clinical Auditor, Medical Physicist
  • Mr Andrew Cole
    Clinical Auditor, Medical Physicist
  • Mr Fayz Kadeer
    Clinical Auditor, Medical Physicist
  • Ms Cate Davey
    Audit Support Officer, Radiation Therapist (Registered AHPRA)
  • Mr Jeremy Supple
    Audit Support Officer, Medical Physicist
  • Dr Lloyd Smyth
    Audit Support Officer, Radiobiologist and Radiation Therapist 
  • Mr Maximilian Hanlon
    Clinical Auditor, Medical Physicist
  • Mr Raymond Sun
    Software Specialist
  • Ms Daniela D’Antonio
    Key Accounts Manager
  • Ms Julie Giblett
    Administrative Support Officer

External auditors

  • Dr Jessica Lye
    Medical Physicist, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
  • Mr John Kenny, QMPS
    Director Health STEM Solutions, Accredited ROMP
  • A/Prof Joerg Lehmann, QMPS
    Principal Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist, Calvary Mater Newcastle, TROG QA Physicist
  • Dr Francis Gibbons, QMPS
    Chief Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist, Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Dr Stephanie Keehan, QMPS
    Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist 
  • Dr Johnny Laban
    Company Director, Photon Physics Limited