The ACDS audit program is available via subscription and includes Level I, Level II and Level III audits. 

An ACDS subscription provides 

  • Both remote and onsite audits, with onsite audits delivering the highest degree of accuracy, and remote audits providing coverage of all treatment beams
  • Direct link to the ARPANSA Primary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory (PSDL)
  • The ANZ Dataset containing dosimetry data from over 100 facilities and provides unparalleled ability to support audit diagnosis, benchmarking and commissioning
  • Independent clinical oversight and review of audit outcomes through the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) with multi-disciplinary representation across all jurisdiction and practice
  • Opportunity to participate in field trials for audits assessing modern radiation therapy treatment modalities
ACDS Audit Program status table July 2022

As of July 2022

The table indicates the status of audits either live, or currently in development. For access to an overview of field trials and current developments see the audit program.

Subscription details  

Subscribers have access to the audit program via a 4-year subscription.

Four audits, two Level I, one Level II, and one Level III, are conducted over the term of the 4-year agreement; with one audit conducted per year, per facility, according to the audit schedule. The timing of the audits follows dates that are mutually agreed on by the ACDS and their customers and are conducted within normal working hours. The ACDS provides extensive support prior to, during and after the audits are conducted. 

The Level Ib audit is not part of the scheduled program and is performed at the request of the facility. The Level Ib is typically conducted for new facilities or linacs, or as a part of the follow up process where other audits do not fall inside the Optimal Level. Please contact the ACDS on 03 9433 2220 or via email at to arrange a quote.

Field trials

A field trial is a developmental stage of an audit. Data gathered informs decision making on phantom design, detector use, correction factors and analysis techniques. Uncertainty budgets and the setting of pass/fail tolerances are refined as predicted tolerances are compared to measurements taken at participating facilities.

A live audit is scored, and audits still in field trial are not scored against the overall audit outcome. Mature field trials are reported with indicative outcomes. ACDS audits which are live or in field trial, are accepted by ROHPG, TROG and state regulators. 

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