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Radiation Protection Series No. 10

Code of Practice and Safety Guide for Radiation Protection in Dentistry (2005)

The Code establishes the responsibilities of those involved in dental radiology, and lays down requirements for equipment and siting, image receptors and film processing, and procedures to minimise exposure to ionizing radiation. The Safety Guide provides advice and guidance on measures that could be employed to assist in meeting the requirements of the Code of Practice.

Removal of Annex A

In January 2015, Annex A - Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Standards for Control of Exposure, was removed from the electronic edition of RPS 10. For information on the health effects of ionising radiation, refer to RPS F-1 Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014).

Download the Code and Safety Guide

(Annex A removed January 2015)

ARPANSA no longer sells physical copies from the Radiation Protection Series. If you require this publication in a Word format please contact us.