Code of Radiation Protection Requirements for Industrial Radiography (2018)

The Code of Radiation Protection Requirements for Industrial Radiography (2018), Radiation Protection Series C-4 (RPS C-4) sets the specific radiation protection requirements in Australia for the protection of occupationally exposed persons and the public in planned exposure situations involving industrial radiography. It complements the overarching requirements contained in Radiation Protection in Planned Exposure Situations (2016), Radiation Protection Series C-1 (RPS C-1).

RPS C-4 supersedes the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Industrial Radiography Equipment (1989) (Radiation Health Series No.31). Radiation Health Series No.31 refers to outdated equipment standards and radiation dose limits. It is a hybrid publication containing a combination of mandatory requirements and non-mandatory guidance. RPS C-4 clearly sets out the mandatory radiation protection requirements that may be referred to in conditions of authorisation issued by Australian radiation regulators for the management, possession or use of industrial radiography sources.

RPS C-4 refers to current international equipment standards and the dose limits set in RPS C-1. It applies to all aspects of industrial radiography from the sale or supply of industrial radiography radiation generators and sealed radioactive sources to the use and safe storage of such generators and sources. If followed, the requirements of RPS C-4 should ensure that unnecessary exposure to ionising radiation is avoided, all exposures are kept as low as reasonably achievable, and the dose limits specified in RPS C-1 are complied with.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) publication Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography, Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-11 provides non-mandatory guidance to assist the industrial radiography sector in achieving best practice.

ARPANSA, jointly with the Radiation Health Committee, developed RPS C-4 based on the mandatory requirements of Radiation Health Series No.31 and guidance contained in IAEA Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-11.

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