Code for Disposal of Radioactive Waste by the User (2018)

This code sets out the levels for disposal to landfill and discharge to sewer and the atmosphere below which no authorisation is required from the relevant regulatory authority. These requirements are currently published in Schedule 14 of the National Directory for Radiation Protection (NDRP) (RPS 6) and have now been published as a stand alone code at the request of the Radiation Health Committee. Schedule 14 will be removed from the NDRP when the next edition is published.

It is intended that the code can be incorporated into regulatory instruments to ensure a uniformed approach to the disposal and discharge of radioactive material across Australia.


Code for Disposal of Radioactive Waste by the User (2018)

Public Consultation

Public consultation was not required or undertaken during the development of this code as the requirements in this code are already published in the NDRP. Public consultation was undertaken when the requirements were originally added to the NDRP.

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