Code for Disposal Facilities for Solid Radioactive Waste (2018)

This code describes the objectives for protection of human health and of the environment, drawing upon international best practice in relation to radiation protection and radioactive waste safety. The safety case and supporting safety assessment provide the basis for demonstration of safety and for authorisation. They will evolve with the development of the disposal facility, and will assist and guide decisions on its siting, design, operation and closure.

This publication, together with the Planned Exposure Code (RPS C-1, ARPANSA 2016), supersedes the Radiation Health Series (RHS) No. 35 Code of practice for the near-surface disposal of radioactive waste in Australia (1992) (NHMRC 1992).


Code for Disposal Facilities for Solid Radioactive Waste (2018)

The following document is an advisory note on public health considerations for disposal of radioactive waste: Advisory Note: Consultation and engagement on public health: considerations for siting, construction and operation of a radioactive waste disposal facility

The following advisory note provides an explanation of the radiation dose and health risk criteria for protection of members of the public beyond closure of a disposal facility: Dose and risk criteria for protection of people following the closure of a disposal facility for radioactive waste.

Public consultation

The draft code was released for public consultation from 21 December 2017 to 2 March 2018:

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