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On 10 April 2022 the Australian Government assumed a caretaker role. The Government is now operating in accordance with the Caretaker Conventions, pending the outcome of the 2022 federal election. Information on Caretaker Conventions: http://www.pmc.gov.au/caretaker

Radiation Protection Series No. 5

Code of Practice and Safety Guide for Portable Density/Moisture Gauges Containing Radioactive Sources (2004)

The Code of Practice establishes requirements for adoption by Commonwealth, State and Territory jurisdictions that will provide a system for the safe use of portable density/moisture gauges containing radioactive sources.

Removal of Annex B

In January 2015, Annex B - Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Standards for Control of Exposure, was removed from the electronic edition of RPS 5. For information on the health effects of ionising radiation, refer to RPS F-1 Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014).

Download the Code and Safety Guide

Publications from the Radiation Protection Series are now available in digital format only. If you require access to a format other than PDF, please contact us.