Personal Radiation Monitoring Service Pricing

Pricing as at 18 July 2016

All prices include GST

Monitors (cost per issue)
Dosimeter type Cost
OSL Monitor $ 15.40
Extremity Monitor $ 18.70
Neutron Monitor $ 37.40
Radon Monitor $ 90.20
OSL Holder Clip $ 1.00
Non-returned or irreparably damaged items**
Dosimeter Cost
OSL Monitor $ 39.60
Neutron Monitor $ 74.25
Extremity Monitor $ 33.00

* Charges will be invoiced at the time of issue. Credits may be issued if items are returned faulty or are unsuitable for the purpose intended.

**Non refundable late fees will be charged if monitors are not received within 30 days of the end of the wearing period.

Other services provided

Urgent issues : $33.00 per issue

The issue of monitors is normally performed early in the week. There will be no charge for the issue of extra monitors which can be done on this day. However, when monitors are required urgently and the issue is not done on the normal issuing day, then the above charge will be incurred.

Special handling fees : $55.00 per year

Where special arrangements for the issue of monitors or Reports have been requested by the Centre (e.g. special packaging or labeling) the above special charge will apply.

Dose report data files : FREE

Dose Report Data Files are files that contain the dose report data in a format that can be imported by database and spreadsheet applications. They are sent to one email address per centre nominated in the Dose Report Data Files Authorisation Form (see PRMS forms).  Where more than one Centre share the same e-mail address, reports are concatenated and sent as a single file.  These are provided in addition to the authorised paper report sent by post.

Dose history

The Dose History of a worker from the time that monitors issued by the Laboratory were first worn can be retrieved from our records. Prior to 1987, all records for the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service were hard copies that have been archived. Since 1987, these records have been stored in a computer database. The charge for compiling a Dose History for a wearer is as follows:

Period of dose history Cost
1987 onwards (single charge) $ 22.00
Pre 1987 Contact PRMS for a cost estimate


All prices are effective from 18 July 2016.

For revised terms and conditions, see PRMS terms & conditions.